EZty Palomar Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Thread hook or jig and tie the Palomar Fishing Knot in seconds without your glasses!
EZty Two in One Tool
- Hook Threader
- Line Cutter

“I bought one at a show and I love it! This thing really works. Thanks for a great invention.”  - Gene P.

Note: Threader is not designed to clean paint from hook eye.
EZty Palomar Knot Tying Tool
TIP: For very small hooks, try hanging a weight on the hoook to make tying easier!
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New Knot Tying Gadget is a"Must-Have" for your Tackle Box!
Featured in Outdoor News, 2011

This new knot tying tool was invented to make tying the Palomar Knot easy. As most anglers know, the Palomar Knot is consistently the strongest knot known to tie terminal tackle. It is regarded by the International Game Fish Association as the strongest knot known to prevent the hook from slipping off when you have that lunker on the line. Its great virtue is that it can be safely tied at night with a minimum of practice and now is even easier with the EZty tool.

When tying the Palomar Knot, you must double the line and put it through the eye of the hook. This is often the hardest part because it can be a bit difficult to see clearly to thread the eye. But the EZty tool takes away that difficulty because you put your hook or jigs on the tool's threader needle, then place your doubled line on the threader hook, simply slide the hook off onto the doubled line and then tie the Palomar Knot. Or pull tag end thru hook eye and tie any knot.

The tool makes it easy to do and you don't have to reach for your reading glasses or bifocals to do it. This thing really works. Thanks for a great invention!" No more struggles or frustration for tying knots-just reach into your tackle box for the low cost EZty tool!
21866 Briarwood Lane
Nisswa, MN 56468
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The Palomar Knot 
Is a very simple knot for terminal tackle It is regarded by the International Game Fish Association consistently as the strongest knot known. Its great virtue is that it can safely be tied at night with a minimum of practice.
  • Double about 12 inches of line and pass through the eye as illustrated (Step 1).
  • Tie a simple Overhand Knot in the doubled line, letting the hook hang loose, avoid twisting the lines (Step 2).
  • Pull the end of the loop down, passing it completely over the hook (Step 3).
  • Pull both ends of the line to draw up the knot.
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